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The Australian taxation system has evolved significantly in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down. At CBSW Tax and Business Advisors we strive to always be up to date with the latest changes, ensuring we are able to offer our clients the relevant support they need based on current ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and State Revenue Office requirements. We believe it is important for businesses to understand the full range of tax implications that can impact on their business, investments and other transactions.

Our team can offer businesses of all sizes assistance in this area.

How We Can Assist You and Your Business

We are able to help in a range of taxation matters, and just some of the ways we are able to assist our clients include:

Understanding Current Operations

At CBSW Tax and Business Advisors we regularly advise our clients on any tax implications for their business based on the way it is currently operating. We take the time to learn about each individual client and the unique nature of their business in order to provide the best service possible. We can offer advice on potential tax implications of any large scale transactions, which ensures compliance with the relevant taxation laws. When considering large purchases, they should make financial sense, and we can help you to decipher which items will be the most effective for tax purposes.

Planning for the Future

For businesses, planning for the future is just as important as the day to day operations and our team have significant experience in this field. We are able to assist in the planning of future events which includes succession planning and strategies for bringing in new ownership. We can work with you to review existing structures to ensure they are both tax efficient and effective. Once these have been assessed we can provide assistance in restructuring as required. When the time comes to plan new ventures, we can guide you on how to structure these effectively. In addition, our skilled staff can alert you to any tax implications relating to offshore investments.

Other Taxes

The taxation system comprises not only of formal legislation, but also case law and Tax Office rulings and guidelines. We regularly provide our clients with advice on a broad range of taxes and duties, including but not limited to:

  •     Income tax
  •     Capital gains tax
  •     Goods and services tax (GST)
  •     Fringe benefits tax
  •     Tax withholding
  •     Transfer duty
  •     Payroll tax
  •     Land tax
  •     Research and development tax incentive

Contact Us

CBSW Tax and Business Advisors are a boutique firm based in Western Australia. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge while still being friendly and approachable. We offer a range of professional services, and are equipped with the skills to assist you with any taxation advisory needs. If you would like to discuss our taxation advisory services or enquire about any of our other services, please contact one of our specialist Directors today.

Our Taxation Advisory Team

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