Whether you’re operating a business, multiple businesses, investments or any combination of these, having the right structure is essential for multiple reasons.

This may mean making the right decision between operating as a company versus operating via a trust, etc. Often it can also contemplate a combination of these. But it isn’t as simple as creating a company and leaving it there. We look at multiple factors to make sure we get the structure right the first time – as not taking the time up front to do this can often prove costly in the mid to long term.

Structuring for your Business

When in business, you want to make sure that you are maximising the return for your hard work. While at the same time there are many other considerations, such as ensuring your personal assets are protected from the business.  Other factors in getting your structure right are considering the longer term, including whether you want to introduce other owners / investors to the business, whether you want to be able to pass the business to future generations or if you want to maximise the return should you one day wish to sell the business. Having the right structure is essential to both manage your tax position as well as creating options so you can be ready for whatever the future holds.

Structuring for your Investments

Our clients work hard to build not only their business, but also their investments. Also, our clients want to make sure they have the right combination of protecting their investments, having their structure be tax effective, while also not having a structure that is needlessly complicated. We work with our clients to make sure they are set up to make the most of their investments while ensuring their expectations and wishes for their investments are aligned to the strategy for their structure.

Succession Planning

Many of us are conscious of what we want to leave for future generations, including how to do so in a manner that allows for the fluent transfer, particularly in respect to estate and succession planning.  Having the right structure for this is the product of ensuring we have a clear understanding of your wishes as to how this transition is to take place while still creating adequate protection of assets from potential claims, while also understanding that families can evolve over time.

Planning for succession, not only in your structure, but as an overarching strategic planning matter is often passed over as a topic for another day.  We can assist you to commence this discussion and often starting with looking at your structure can be a good way to get started.

Changing your Structure

It is not uncommon to find yourself in a position where you have outgrown your existing structure – or perhaps you have scaled back and would like to simplify your structure.

We can work with you to firstly determine what works best for you.  We can then review and identify opportunities to make changes to your structure to ensure it remains relevant to what you are looking to achieve.

There are many rules and concessions that can be utilised to make sure any change is as painless as possible.  But we point out that if you are experiencing or expecting a change in your requirements, then it is best to make the changes sooner rather than later as leaving this to a later date can often prove costly if we’re not keeping on top of this.

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CBSW Tax and Business Advisors are a boutique firm based in Western Australia. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge while still being friendly and approachable. We offer a range of professional services, and are equipped with the skills to assist you to make sure you have the right structure for your needs. If you would like to discuss your structuring requirements or enquire about any of our other services,please contact one of our specialist Directors today.

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